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Welcome to Meetup Victoria, your listing for family friendly free and charity events around the Capital Region and South Island

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The Capital Region has a multitude of great events but finding them is not always easy for newcomers (or even long time residents). This site was created to collect some of the more notable events. We’ve used Google Calendar to allow these events to be shared and added to your online calendar, computer, or handheld.

Event submissions can be sent to or @meetupvictoria (on Twitter).

Events included should be open to the public and intended for a broad audience (100 people and up). Eligible events include those with no cost to attend or the cost is associated with a non-profit community organizations. Events solely focused on sales events are excluded

Examples include Public Events, Theatre, Symphony, Multicultural Festivals, amateur sports and community Markets and exclude Professional Sports, Sales presentations, and events limited to members of specific groups or organizations.

Events should include basic details; date, times, and location(s). iCal or vCal event files are also acceptable.


  1. Ron says:

    Under your ‘local government’ listings you have the incorrect website listed for the District of Saanich’s home page. When you click on the link currently listed it directs you to an error message. The correct website address for Saanich is ‘’ Please update this information. Much appreciated and thank you!

  2. admin says:

    Fixed, thanks for the note..

  3. Lori says:

    This site was suggested as a way to meet people in Victoria. When I look at the “calendar” I see some general activities and a few morning business networking meetings, but nothing where people are actually meeting up at a place and time.

    There person who told me about it said there were various activities like meeting for walks/hikes and some activities (such as wine tasting) where there were small charges for the activity. Some you had to sign up for (such as the wine tasting) but most were just casual get togethers. However, I did think that you specifically met with others that had seen the activity on MeetUpVictoria.

    Am I looking in the wrong spot on your website. Thank you

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