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MeetupVictoria has been going for almost 3 years. We have been dedicated to bring you free, family friendly events. Every month we try to bring you some of the best events around Victoria, Saanich, the Western Communities and other communities around the Southern Vancouver Island. We have been dedicated to bring you free, family friendly events. As we all realize ‘free’ is not entirely the whole story.

The events all of us enjoy are put on thanks to the hard work of volunteers, local service organizations, and many, many local sponsors. Community Events can’t happen without a community. In one way or another, all of these events are brought to us thanks to the goodwill of many of our fellow community members.

If you enjoy any of these events then please take a moment to think about how you can help support them. Volunteering for an event or as part of the many non-profit organizations are the most direct contributions you can make. There are also some simply, everyday choices you can make that support local.

We support shopping local with the many businesses that help sponsor our events and employee our neighbours that volunteer to make events possible. It is easy, especially in the summer, to look at throngs of visitors to our region to think that the money comes from ‘somewhere else’. The fact is your favorite coffee shop or restaurant pays their bills because of their regular, local patrons. That goes for the farmers’ market, movie theatre, butcher shop or garden store.

If you don’t believe us, ask them.

Talk to these folks and get to know those places where you chose to spend you money. Find out if those business also support their local suppliers. Does your favorite coffee place use a local bakery? Is the resturant you go for lunch getting local produce and meats? Does your favorite watering hole serve local brews?

The more we support one another, the more we can do for each other.

As summer is almost upon us, we hope that you and your family get a chance to take in the great events.

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