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Victoria Events for October 2010 MUVMonthly

Welcome to our Monthly Update this is our regular update with the highlights of the upcoming month. In addition to the regular markets, the musical events, we add a major events and those recurring events starting this month.

Special Days and Holidays

11 – Thanksgivings
31 – Halloween


Our Summer officially ended a few days ago but their are some events that continue on. Noteably the Saturday markets continue through most of October, including Moss Street, Goldstream, and North Saanich. Keep a look out for the local crop as the harvest comes in ahead of Thanksgivings.

The Ghosts of Victoria will be out in force starting October 22 through Halloween with tours and events from Victoria’s Spooky past.

On October 31st, there are several community events. Saanich Halloween Spooktacular is at Tillicum Mall & Pearkes Rec Centre 2:00-4:30. Victoria has Mallowe’en at Hillside Centre from 3-5PM

With school routine back for many, it is worth mentioning two great sources of family events; Your local Library and your recreation centre. All the fall program guides are out for both the Greater Victoria Public Libraries and the many Recreation Centres of Greater Victoria. The Coast Captial Free Swims and Free Skates are back at the Recreation Centres around the region. And looking forward to 2011 with the announcement from GVPL that the Libraries will be back open on Sunday!

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